The Road – Cormac McCarthy review/discussion


This book follows themes and genres that, despite initial impressions, are actually kind of relatable to millennials. You could read the novel as your typical apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic novel quite easily, but how satisfied can we be upon closing the book as unlike most films/books that fall into the same genre, there is no resolve. We have no ‘proper’ heroes. No fast-paced, lip-biting action. No military. No landmarks (eg. The cliché devastated-Statue-of-Liberty-in-ruins pan shot/dramatic descriptions). I mean, we never even get to find out what’s caused the whole thing?!

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15 albums that define my teenage years


I wouldn’t be able to tell you why, but during my three years at university I barelFOB_CORK_TREEy listened to music like I used to. As a millennial teen, I had spent the majority of those years donning black skinny jeans, brightly printed Vans and heavy eyeliner – yep, I was ’emo’ to my core. This ‘stylistic preference’, let’s call it, was born from a genuine love for ‘alternative’ music – a love I still nurture to this day. Continue reading “15 albums that define my teenage years”

10 things that make me happy:

I was looking through various blogs earlier on and stumbled across Lisa Yip’s post 10 little things that make you *smile* – which I thought was lovely and a great way to get to know someone through a blog.

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Hi there!

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting my own blog for a while now. I was always put off by lack of knowledge and general self doubt, but having recently completed my degree I figured I’d have a lot more spare time on my hands which I can use to write about what I want to write about – oh the luxury! – and so I just bit the bullet!

My plan is to post general reviews of books I read – because I can once again read for pleasure(!!!) – make-up/beauty products I use, films I watch, and other, more general “lifestyle” type posts. Whilst I can’t promise that my life is particularly enthralling, I’m excited at the prospect of sharing my opinions and experiences and the reception they’ll (hopefully) get.

So please stay tuned and follow for regular(-ish) updates,

Laura x